SkypeAnime 1.4

SkypeAnime will allow you to use animated avatars in Skype
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SkypeAnime will allow you to use animated avatars in Skype. Skype does not support the use of animated GIFs as avatars by default. This program fools Skype by changing the avatar repeatedly, a frame at a time. As they are displayed in sequence, everyone will see your avatar as a movie.

The program will let you load any animated GIF to use it as an avatar, and it will extract the frames contained in the file. You can set the animation speed (the interval between frames) in FPS or milliseconds; you can also choose to let the program decide the optimal frame speed according to your network speed. You can also use a set of images that are not contained in a GIF file as your animated avatar. To do so, you must use a feature included in the program, the "Animation Editor". This feature will allow you to select a group of images, edit them, by flipping them horizontally or vertically and resizing them (you can even normalize all the images to a specific size). Once everything´s set up, you confirm the animation, and the program will build your animated avatar.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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